Reviive365 Digital Transformation Services

ReviiveDesign Digital Transformation

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Sharepoint Site Setup

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Dynamics 365 Implementation

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Industries We Work With

At Reviive365, we are passionate about leveraging our diverse range of expertise to provide our clients with personalized and innovative solutions that align with their unique needs and challenges. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and industry insights, we empower organizations to streamline operations, drive growth, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape.




Manage your union more effectively. Stay on top of all member interactions with our union management software. We will work with you to customize it further for your business. 



Designed and built for the construction industry – ready to be customized to your  business needs.

HVAC & Trades


Do you run a trade business or a business where your need to manage workers in the field? ReviiveTrade is our customizable solution for your field service software needs.



Streamline your operations and gain valuable insights with ReviiveClient – fully customizable and advanced software designed to optimize your business and provide real-time operational data.

What Our Clients Say:

Julie Perkins

Julie Perkins

Laurier LaunchPad

“It’s been great for me at Laurier LaunchPad Brantford to work with Reviive365. They are a Microsoft Partner that helps businesses grow with custom CRM and Microsoft tool solutions. They streamline processes, improve efficiency, and stay current with digital transformation. I highly recommend that you check out what they can do for you and your organization.”

Ben Knowles

Ben Knowles

Gasko Heating and Cooling

The team at “Reviive365 delivered a custom CRM and Microsoft Suite migration for our business. They were able to work with us to refine our processes and turn them digital. The team was open and flexible as we needed to modify our final product during the transition. Many thanks.

Will Cook

Will Cook

Highlight Sports

Amazing experience working with Levi. Extremely professional in providing consistent communication, was always prepared and organized, knowledgable, and most importantly… delivered on time!